AutoClean Express website


AutoClean Express is a water-free and ecological concept of car washing, using 100% french biodegradable products, with 11 car wash stations around Paris, located in underground parkings of shopping malls (Creteil Soleil, E.Leclerc, etc.).

AutoClean Express needs to evolve: new franchises, improve customer loyalty, highlight customer-centric services and integrate into malls communication strategies.

AutoClean Express asks Seij to redefine its marketing strategy, create the new brand DNA and a clean drive through modern web communication.


Organization and constraints

  • Work in short iterations with limited budgets and fast, measurable results on an evolutive project.
  • Follow investments already done in BTL/POS materials. Avoid any material investments or heavy-rupture in BTL/POS communication.
  • Realize phase 1.


  • Consulting: planning definition, POS visits, assets analysis, definition of new goals.
  • Define and validate specifications including marketing strategy and a new website ready to evolve.

Visual guidelines adjustments

Creation and improvements over logotype, typefaces, shapes, iconography, photographic material, etc.

Targeting a 70%+ female 30-50 audience and car wash experts expecting high product quality and expertise from staff. 

Takes in account :

  • signalization-heavy POS environment integration, 
  • low luminosity on site, 
  • didactic point-of-vue on ecological matters and savoir-faire of technicians
  • particular emotional relationship of customers with their vehicle
  • sense of a high-value service for mall owner managers with tight integration in their parkings.

New storytelling

  • Created the main storyline, with ecological, made-in-france, how-to, service with customer experience in mind. Gets a new tone for social marketing and website: clean, straight-to-the point, transparent and didactic.
  • Focus had been made on time-saver facilities provided by teams and side-services as triggers for routine actions. For example: "let your car at the desk and go shopping, you get it cleaned and parked when you come back."
  • Special dedicated texts for mall owners have been realized : disruption of current mall businesses tend to give a high focus on user-experience and increased engagement. We revealed AutoClean Express being itself as a perfect candidate for continuity of indoor to outdoor user-experience, based on its 10 year experience and bunch of free services that makes the customer feel safe and taken care of till its departure.
  • Also, all photographic content had been completely re-created.

New website

  • Website has been created from scratch using our technology (more that 50 pages)
  • Website is responsive (desktop / tablet / smartphones), as all our websites.
  • technology allow creating data-centric and really easy to maintain websites.
    Oba proved itself in organizing web content around custom made forms, allowing AutoClean Express manager(s) to update its(their) contents without having to take care of any visual integration and without any training.

The website has been created to automatically manage main processes for SEO integration with no more than AutoClean Express simple content updates. Website is ready to evolve in to a localized bunch of mini-sites, based on a single affordable technical platform (you'd be surprised).


Each POS manager can securely and update its own local POS content while global strategy and country-wide communication are still enforced by main marketing.

This kind of workflow and fine-grained security levels are part of core features.

Website is also ready as an intranet / extranet (planified evolution).