Champagne DN Website

A new champagne

Champagne DN is a new French champagne brand. The farm of Domaine De Nuisement is taken up by Séverine Thevenin Fromont in 2010. Between expertise and heritage, a new champagne is born: Champagne DN.

A tailored communication

Speaking of Haute Couture for a champagne leads to a radically different communication.

Communication is redesigned in the image of the brand's creator: modern, propelled by strong roots and a real taste of the chic, the new and the offset.

House-Off, brand specialist, and Seij create a new brand identity. Everything is reviewed: from logo to imaging, through editorial and internet communication. We take appropriate short cuts for a budgeted communication plan adapted to a young brand.

Like all the websites we realize, it meets the requirements of smartphones and tablets as well as desktop computers. Website update is simplified by the management software developed by Seij.