Holopic Web+Mobile Technology


Holopic is a new technology that allow photographers to create photographs to be rendered with volume on any web browser, with an emphasis on smarphones and tablets.  Technology uses only web standards, without any flash, third-party software or application to install.

Therefore it can be integrated in any web site, online store or application, tablet presentation, etc.

Tilt your phone or move your mouse, be amazed!


Why this technology

In a world where everything goes too fast, it becomes more difficult to capture customer's attention. Therefore, Holopic impressive rendering and interactivity makes them stop for the first time on your products. Gaining interactivity, the customer can play with product and photography for the first time, increasing the chance to put the product in their shopping cart !


Holopic is not 3D. Nowadays, 3D with a photographic quality is difficult to produce. Holopic is neither video, whose compression system won't allow to display a particular angle of the product without altering quality.

Holopic is the mix of photographic skills, rendering algorithms, networking, Cloud Computing and mobile development and much more.

Holopic is designed to work on mobile and tablets following the user hand rotation. Due to the volume of photography and mobiles low network brandwidths , streaming systems have been developped in order to reduce loading times and provide the best possible user experience.

First showcases

French fashion magazine Le Fashion Post creates a new kind of fahion editorial using Holopic in two experiments where technology brings magic to art. Two projects are created with Interparfums, Galeries Lafayette famous bakery Liberté and Autour du Saumon restaurants.

CMS Integration

Holopic is 100% integrated into oba.io due to its ability to manage networking on the Cloud, new image formats and on-demand image compositing.

Using oba.io's Media Library and oba.io's templating language for websites, users can manage Holopics as if they where traditionnal images.

You can also integrate Holopics in your existing website (Wordpress, Drupal or any other standard web technology), using oba.io integration features.

Production of Holopic photography requires photographic skills and technical post-processing that Seij and HolopicTM companies are able to provide.

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