Le Fashion Post magazine web+mobile

Creating a magazine

Le Fashion Post is born from a meeting, from two entities savoir-faire.

Seij brings a digital cross expertise, House-Off specialty is fashion branding and brands history.

The main idea is to consider fashion as a discipline to analyze, decypher with meaning, give the floor to those who make fashion.

Strategy and success

A couple of days laters, action plan is ready and the first articles are already written, posting a first version of the magazine online. Starting process is fast and content-centric. Immediatly comes confidence of press offices.

The magazine grows fast. The readers craze makes the magazine a reference since februrary 2014.

The team covers the main fashion events at the forefront of fashion shows in Paris and Porto.

Crossing is the key of the magazine: gastronomy, digital economy are related to fashion for an overview that seduces the profession.

Success is there: interview on Europe1, exclusive coverage in Monaco, Morroco, Andorra, exclusive interviews with brands like Elite Model Look, Make Up Forever, SquareEnix, etc.

Become a reference magazine in less than six months = difference + content + editorial + technical innovation.

When innovation meets fashion

Early september, Le Fashion Post creates a new vision of fashion editorial, combining artistic direction and technology for smartphones, tablets and desktops: a digital showcase serving fashion.

In october, the magazine combines all technologies: Holopic, oba.io and Seij savoir-faire to create the first fashion editorial in holograms, a world first.

Great names of french gastronomy trust us: Liberté, famous Galeries Lafayette bakery, Autour du Saumon, french restaurant, featured in Autour du Saumon en toute liberté.

Interparfums works with Le Fashion Post in our next editorial 7 essences masculines en radioscopie, featuring flagship brand perfumes like Karl Lagerfeld, Lanvin, Balmain and Mont Blanc.

The magazine still evolves: new digital showcases and profesionnal applications for fashion professionnals are launched early 2015.


The magazine is powered by our own technology oba.io. The staff uses adaptative and dynamic layouts to focus on content, work together using workflows, validation processes and the bunch of tools provided by the platform, like automatic image treatment or structured-data collectors.

Oba.io comes with all the SEO toolkit and deployment features that allow the magazine to be read with RSS readers and magazine readers like Flipboard or Feedly.

While writing new posts, the teams feeds our databases with structural content from fashion designers, brands, companies, so we can launch a new range of applications for fashion professionnals.