Looking For website


Looking For is an agency specialized in spacial perspectives for retail design. Whether it concerns commercial, architectural or roll-out projects, set within food establishments, merchandising or commercial centers, or whether it’s geared toward the mass market or toward the high-end market, LOOKING FOR develops its projects alongside renown brands, design agencies and architects.

Looking For asks Seij to create their website, with a high degree of precision in details.


Having a very detailed visual guideline, sketchs and a showreel video, Seij implements a responsive website, internationalized and easily updatable.

  • Producing responsive sketches
  • Domain name implementation, internationalization
  • Web video transcoding for every target device (smartphones, tablets, desktop computers)
  • Structured content management system for easy updates
  • Website with responsive


Looking For website is produced with oba.io software from Seij. Tailored forms allow an easy update of the POS world map, news, images and any kind of content.

Diagrams and world map are created using dynamic SVG for a lossless quality on any screen.

The website will evolve including an online book on how Looking For handles perspectivism in their realisations.

Core oba.io features powered by Amazon technical platform allow HD videos to be streamed seamlessly on any support, without requiring usage of YouTube or Vimeo (customer requirement).