RM Coach Sportif Website and communication


Romain Moreau is a french professionnal sport trainer. Supporting a large audience: from children to older people, from obesity to thinness, from fitness needs to athletes training.


Seij creates a new communication plan regarding the coach working methods, far away from traditionnal training clichés, first-centered on individual problems that each encounter to take the first step towards sports and training.

Visually and photographically soft, while remaining dynamic, the website breaks the barriers and codes to make the coach accessible.
Here is not the place of protruding muscles, oversized torsos or torture devices. We will grab the visitor where he is and create comfortable tunnels to take him to contact.

Editorial is didactic, voluntarily accessible and lightweight while remaining professionnal.

With our graphic designer and according to the main communication intent, we created visual guidelines and logotype, as well as the main building blocks of internet charter, anticipating mobile and tablet responsive design needs.


Seij helps in essential internet needs: procurement and configuration of domain names, email addresses, social networks installation. Ergonomics and website navigation are defined together according to allocated budget, such creating the "specification" phase.

The first sketchs of a dynamic website are created immediatly. They include the already defined graphics. Once the texts included, the website is ready.

As any other website created by Seij, this one is responsive (adjusts nicely on desktop, tablets and mobile phones). Romain updates his website and newsletter himself (from his tablet).

The website comes with a monthly newsletter. Seij creates the first template and software initialization. Romain sends his newsletter himself.

Any entrepreneur can have a profesionnal website, whatever his company size. We can manage your business needs.


Icing on the cake — even if the coach will not recommend the cake — the website comes with a private section for his customers with ebooks and videos as resources for their training.

The website is created using oba.io software, developed by Seij. The software allows creating of intranet/extranet the easy-way at a low cost, as well as customized forms for an easy content update.