WexLog ERP Web

Seij collaborates with WexLog ERP, specialized in transports and logistics, to push WexSuite GUI to the Web.  

Originated as a  pure Java / RCP application, WexLog ERP adds a new full web front-end, fully compatible with its existing product range, powered by cutting-edge Javascript / Ajax and modern front-end technologies. 

This brand new interface, tablet and desktop compatible, empowers en 100-more like screens the application already contains and pushs ergonomics a step forward.  

A great step in this huge product evolution that opens the door to Business Intelligence online and new ergonomic screens and components for versions to come.  

Actually used by European leaders in logistic and transports, WexSuite also opens as an Extranet for thousands mobile end-users and their own customers.  

Seij has proven this challenge possible in a really short time, using proven and modern technologies, including Dojo Toolkit, DGrid, DModel, Zurb Foundation, J2EE7 CDI JAX-RS WebServices on Wildfly/JBoss containers.